Dear Labour Left, We Have a Big Fight Ahead of Us!

The beginning of a new decade, the beginning of 2020, this is a good time to properly analyse the last year in UK politics. So, the end of 2019 was not an amazing time for me in terms of the fallout from the general election, with Boris Johnson’s Conservatives winning a big majority and Jeremy... Continue Reading →

Political Poetry: Hopeful Wrapping Paper

I wrap my fear in hopeful wrapping paper, glittery and eye-catching. Hope is more than just a feeling; hope is a weapon… hope is my weapon! Hope is a candle in the darkest night, a coat in the darkest night, and the very last pound coin in your pocket.   I walk through streets of... Continue Reading →

Political Poetry: I Can’t Stand the Heat

I can’t stand the heat, or well, what it signifies… Desertification, flooding, and droughts, nightmares materialising into reality. Why are you all talking about it like that? In such an apathetic way… I am angry, I am incensed, I am… afraid! So deeply, deeply afraid…   Our climate is warming and changing, I feel like... Continue Reading →

Political Poetry: Rainbow Cloud

Reds bled into greens, Yellows collided into the mess, With pink splattered through the air. Hands holding, with steely tender determination And banners fluttering violently in the wind. This was our statement, Our colourful, defiant, loving statement, In the midst of the rainbow cloud. For all those who came before us, Those that were beaten... Continue Reading →

Dancing on Broken History

Theresa May: Prime Minister, Head of the British Government, Conservative… dancer? If you have been trawling over the internet in the last week, you will understand exactly what I am talking about. Theresa May has visited South Africa in the last week and was captured dancing in a quite humiliating fashion, which has been adopted... Continue Reading →

How Not to Handle a Scandal

Ah, Donald J Trump, the President of the United States and the man that has dominated the political journalistic sphere over the last few years. However, whilst there has been a lot of scandal in the Presidency of the 45th President of the United States, the most recent scandal surrounding the President’s supposed affair with... Continue Reading →

Political Poetry: Margaret Thatcher’s Legacy

Welcome to a new feature on this blog, Political Poetry. This is original poetry that I penned myself, which have elements of modern-day politics woven into them. The first poem is called 'Margaret Thatcher's Legacy', which is my views on the legacy that Britain's first female Prime Minister left in her wake after her very... Continue Reading →

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